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Gold Sellers / Palladium Sellers







In light of the recent in-game events, we would like to remind everyone not to deal with any gold spammers, gold sellers, or palladium seller. Not only that this is considered as an illegal transaction but there's also a chance that they just want to gain your account or personal information for their own gains.


All accounts that will be caught/discovered to have a connection to a Gold Seller's main or sub accounts will be temporarily blocked for investigation. Once a significant link/connection has been proven, the account will be permanently blocked.


To report a gold spammer, please whisper "supportmailman" with the character name and channel. You can also send us an email with an attached screenshot of the chat box to hellgatesupport@t3fun.com.


Our GMs will also be online to monitor each channel as much as we can.


Thank you for your continuous support to Hellgate Global.


Hellgate Global Team