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Hellgate Global Updates - 9/22/11




Game Update

1. Tokyo Update


Hellgate Global has expanded its latest content, Tokyo!



Ticket Cost: 2,000 Tcoins



Tokyo Entrance Buff Icon


Like the first launch, the new expansion will require a ticket for you to be able to access the content and of course, this ticket permanently supports all characters inside your account.


2. Hell Mode Difficulty Update


Some players may already have Hell mode difficulty open on some of their characters but this is where we make it official. Hell mode difficulty is now legitimately available for your personal gaming preference.


3. Mini-game: Base Defense Battle


Here is how to play Base Defense Battle


Ø  Acquire the Cryptex dropped from champion monsters. (Messenger of Hell)




Ø  Create a party and look for party members. (Party leader must have the Cryptex)


Ø  Use the portal at Maiji-dori Relay Base and move to the assembly area.


Ø  Talk to “Kylian” to start the battle.




Upon entering the area, you’ll have to talk to NPC “Arias” to start the defense attempt.


A – Is the remaining time you have to defend the bases.

B – Remaining tower heals that your team is allowed to utilize.


You and your party must keep up the attack for numerous levels and boss monster spawns till the timer hits 00:00 before it is considered as a successful defense.


Handsome rewards await those who will be able to defend the towers but keep in mind that you cannot let two towers be destroyed or its game over for you and your party. Base defense battle can be played continuously as long as the party leader has Cryptex in his possession.


4. Mini-game: Cow Room


Here is how to play Cow room mode (Land of Rest)


Ø  Acquire the Talisman crafted from the Transmogrifying cube formula list.



Ø  This mode is playable solo or with party. (All players must consume a Talisman)


Ø  Use the portal at Maiji-dori Relay Base and move to the assembly area.


Ø  Talk to “Ichigo” to make the portal to the Land of Rest appear.



A – Buff indicating that you can access the Land of Rest

B – Portal going to the Land of Rest (Cow Room) has a duration of 9minutes.


You must go through hordes of Zombies before you can reach the area where two boss monsters lie. (Anaksunamun and Imhotep)



5. Hellrush Modified Experience Event Schedule


Ø  Last week’s experience event was postponed due to some technical difficulties. Mechanics will still be the same as before. (Buff icon that indicates the start of the exp modification). Here’s the new schedule for the said event:


I. September 24 - 25, 2011


     Start Time: September 24, 2011 00:00 Game Time

     End Time: September 25, 2011 23:59 Game Time


II. October 1 - 2, 2011


     Start Time: October 1, 2011 00:00 Game Time

     End Time: October 2, 2011 23:59 Game Time



6. System Event: The Lucky Coupons (Duration – September 22 – 29, 2011)


At a certain point, players will be able to get/loot Lucky Coupon from “Champion Level or Named” monster (Rare, Epic and Unique Monster)(e.g. Tubby Bastard, Typhoid Mary, Bag O’ Bones, Epic Orbile)


Players can collect these coupons and exchange them for Lucky Box/es from NPCs that can be found in Greenwich Headquarters (near the Marketplace terminal or Supply Soldier Teo).



NPC Sam gives the Luck Box 1 for 100pcs of Lucky Coupon

NPC Sara gives the Luck Box 2 for 600pcs of Lucky Coupon

NPC John gives the Luck Box 3 for 1000pcs of Lucky Coupon


Each Luck Box gives ONE random item once opened.


Luck Box 1 Items
20 Pcs. Resurrection Scroll
100 pcs. Auto Dismantlers
10 pcs. Power Messages
30 pcs. Adrenaline Injection
30 pcs. Elemental Effects Defense Device
1 pc. Effect Amplifier


Luck Box 2 Items
1 pc. Set Item (Shoulder) - Random Class
1 pc. Set Item (Helmet) - Random Class
1 pc. Set Item (Arms / Gloves) - Random Class
1 pc. Set Item (Shoes) - Random Class
1 pc. Set Item (Leg) - Random Class
1 pc. Set Item (Belt) - Random Class
1 pc. Set Item (Torso) - Random Class


Luck Box 3 Items
2 pcs. Advanced Mod Preservatives
2 pcs. Basic Mod Preservatives
1 pc. Mod Socket Expander (50%)
1 pc. Auto Disassembler (8hr)
1 pc. Skill Initialization
1 pc. Expertise Skill Initialization



7. Cash Shop Update


a.        Tokyo Ticket – 2,000 Tcoins each

-          Ticket to enter Tokyo.

b.       Mod Socket Expander - 1,000 Tcoins per piece

-          Adds one random mod socket to an item with available mod slots.

c.        Mod Bag (Intermediate) - 3,000 Tcoins per piece

-          Exclusive bag for mod storage.

-          Bag size 72 slots.

-          Note: Can be used in inventory and personal storage box.

-          Note: Only Mods can be stored inside.

-          Note: Item is permanent.

d.       Mod Safety Separation Device - 8,000 Tcoins per stack (5 pieces)

-          This prevents the mod from destruction when separating the mod mounted in slots fail.

e.       Achievement slot perks +1 - 3,000 Tcoins per piece

-          You can use the achievement bonus slot for 30 days.

-          Note: It will add an additional 1 slot in the achievement window.

-          Note: Item effect will not stack.

-          Note: Item effect duration is consumed even if the character is logged out.

Limited Items for two weeks.

a.        Basic Mod Preservatives - 8,000 Tcoins per 5 pieces

-          Prevents downgrade even when the item upgrade fails.

-          Note: Available only when upgrading +5 or lower grade items.

b.       Advanced Mod Preservatives - 15,000 Tcoins per 5 pieces

-          Prevents the destruction of the item that is being upgraded. Reinforcement level may go down to a certain grade upon upgrade failure (+6 and above).

-          Note: Can be used when upgrading +6 or higher grade items.

-          Note: Item is not destroyed when Advanced Preservatives were used, but it will be downgraded to +6 upon failure.

c.        Restoration Sekworm PET - 10,000 Tcoins per piece

-          Health +400

-          Mentality +200

-          Note: Can only summon max 1 pet.

d.       Impregnable Shulgoth PET  - 10,000 Tcoins per piece

-          Defense +200

-          Shield +400

-          Note: Can only summon max 1 pet.