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What is In-Game Password

The In-Game Security Pin/Number is a 4 digit combination that a player set on his account the first time
that he/she creates a character

This is an additional account security feature that prevents unauthorized access or changes to your account.

  • You can log-in the character but unless you verify the in-game security code/pin,
    you will not be able to do perform most of the basic action/function like trade, enter a portal,
    dismantle, sell, stash usage etc…
  • Players have a total of 5 chance of putting/typing the correct security PIN/Number. Account will be partially
    blocked (character can log-in but basic functions has been disabled) once a player entered 5 wrong
    security pin/number.

Upon logging in, make sure that you verify the security pin/number as soon as possible to prevent any
inconveniences/issues. You can open the In-game Security Settings window by clicking the "lock"
icon/button that is located at the bottom right side of the mini map
or just beside the “Premium Item” button.

Help! I can’t remember my Security Pin/Number, What do I need to do?

Please send us a message through our Mail Inquiry section (can be seen under the Support Tab)
or you can send us an email to hellgatesupport@t3fun.com. The inquiry needs to be in the following format
so that our GMs and support team can prioritize your inquiry.

Subject/Email Title: Security PIN/Number Issue

Inquiry Contents:
List of characters and their respective class.