Hellgate Faction Class


Belief, mightier than the sword!
Knights armed with strength, rules, and faith

As descendants of Temple Knights, Templars always fight with enemies
at the battle lines.
They have been preparing for this wall with hell as they have
predicted the invasion of demons long ago.
Holy one, destroy the demon with your firm belief.


Two swords and a firm belief
Rapidly revolves like a vortex and attacks multiple targets at once.
Causes critical damage with sharply thrown swords.
Blademasters can use one-handed guns or shields,
but they show their true value when they use the Sword of Belief.


Mighty guardians made of belief
The fate of your comrades depends on you.
Valuable sacrifices for comrades make you stronger.
Be a shield covered with sacred aura and guard your comrades
by charging at the enemies!

Cabalist – Evoker/Summoner

Dweller of the World of Confusion!
Scholar of good and evil

With the ability to control the dark force skills, the Cabalists rule
the demon and hell’s source of power.
Can recover strength by using dead demons.
Can display unstable features between good & evil, control & corruption.


Dark force that even the demons fear.
In order to maximize attacks, Evokers use the dark force
and guns at the same time.
Causes tremendous electric damage to targets by using
poisonous insects or natural disasters.
When great amount of power is concentrated,
the enemies will die in pain!


Resurrection of death, Control of life
The controller of the demons. Summoners can summon
advanced demons for cure, restoration, and greater damage.
They can summon low-class demons for basic single attacks.
They have strong ability of controlling the minds of low-class
demons by using the advanced demons.

Hunter Marksman/Engineer

Unveiled for the war against demons!
High-technology experts, full of secrets

Highly trained combatant. Hunters are fatal destroyers
who are ready to fight against anyone who blocks their way.
Prioritizing skills before trust, combat for them is instinct.


Sharp gun shots cutting the darkness
Can you feel the enemy’s force from the dark side!
Highly trained Marksman controls the target at long-distance
with the weapons.
Precise and quick shots that do not allow a single error. Moreover,
Marksman readily kills the dark demons through effective shots.


Mighty Drone Controller
Engineers produce ‘Drone’ which can conduct electric attacks
and give them assistance.
Master of strategic skill management who makes and upgrades
devices to incapacitate the enemies.

Introduction of demons

Monster that emerged from hell, and is now reigning
the world with sharp teeth and claws!

As the hellgate opened, the world started being covered up with various demons.


Mysterious demon of gruesome force born after the creation of life.The power that plans and executes
the slaughter, violation, destruction, downfall, and corruption in the world.
When a life disappears, those who control all the demons are usually behind the incidents.





Comparatively low-class among creatures of hell. They are creatures naturally born through the underground environment and their owners.
They spread poisons or pollutants from hell, and conduct fire attacks. With strong animal instincts,
beasts disguise themselves from human vision, and strengthen through evolution.





Includes the overcome and all the demons that create/control the undeads.
In order to overcoming the weak morphological limits, they enjoy moving and attacking in groups.
Normally, they can be easily destroyed. However, necro demons must be first taken care of since
they may resurrect when appropriate measures were not used.

Black Skull


Lord Croosack


Known as the true demons. They form high-level organizations, and control low-class demons.
They are responsible for the chaos on Earth.
Resembles mankind the most. They conduct persistent attacks, and use various weapons and device.
With high intellect, they can carry out both long-range attacks and close combat.
They are not only armed but also use a mysterious defense shield to protect themselves from human attacks.

Gremlin Trooper




Displays strong skills through explosives.
They partially exist. Difficult to defeat them with physical attacks since they are within the spectral zone.
Since some of these demons hide themselves,
you can only see them through a special device allowing super-natural vision.



Doom Husk