Applying for CBT is simple and it’s easy as 123!

Click “Gates of Hell” and a pop-up window should appear (allow pop-up if the browser is blocking it)

Now there are two choices:

  1. Apply Now
  2. Enter a CBT key obtained from the partner sites listed below:

You can make a gamble and click “apply now”. If the image shows that “Your courage has been noted”. Then congratulations you are going to be a CBT tester! (It’s a 50-50 chance)


You can wait for the CBT keys that will be distributed by the following partner sites:

Ø  mmosite

Ø  mmorpg – 0 keys

Ø  mpogd – 0 keys

Ø  gameogre

Ø  mmohut

Ø  gameitems

Ø  gameswelt

Ø  spieltipps

Ø  onlinewelten

Ø  massively – new*

Ø  gratismmorpg – new*

Thank you and good luck!

GM Verin

Hellgate GM Team