Hellgate is a relaunch of Hellgate: London, originally developed by Flagship Studios. Hanbitsoft and T3 Entertainment took over the development and published the game. Hellgate is a dark fantasy action RPG with an online component, featuring three faction classes.

  1. Templar: As a Templar, you can choose between two sub-classes:
    • Blademaster: Wield two swords and excel in close combat.
    • Guardian: Specialize in tanking and protecting your allies.
  2. Cabalist: Control dark forces as a Cabalist and select one of the following sub-classes:
    • Evoker: Utilize both magic and guns, combining long-range attacks with mystical powers.
    • Summoner: Command and control demons, utilizing their abilities to aid you in battle.
  3. Hunter: Embrace high-tech expertise as a Hunter and opt for one of the sub-classes:
    • Marksman: Excel in long-range combat with precision shooting and deadly accuracy.
    • Engineer: Control drones and deploy gadgets, utilizing advanced technology to gain an edge in battles.

In Hellgate, players face off against hordes of demons, collect a variety of weapons and items, and have the ability to modify their equipment. The game offers an immersive dark fantasy world for players to explore and engage in intense action-packed gameplay.