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Chat Commands

To open the chat command list, hit enter then click the question mark button below the chat window.

  • /All : Chat in channel.
  • /town : Normal chat.
  • /w : /w [name] to whisper a player.
  • /r : Allows you to reply to the last player who whispered you.
  • /p : Party chat.
  • /g : Guild chat.
  • /who : Displays who are currently online in the channel.
  • /invite : /invite [name] to invite a player in a party.
  • /accept : Accept party invitation.
  • /decline : Decline party invitation.
  • /stuck : Allows you to port to the nearest Station Travel Terminal in case you got stuck.
  • /channeljoin : Allows you to join a channel chat.
  • /channels : Gives the list of available channels.
  • /Team : Chat with your team mates (Applicable only in PVP zones)
  • /Macro : Opens your Chat Macro option.

Note: To enable the chat commands like /town, /Team and /r, hit the spacebar after typing the command.
Example: /town[spacebar] or /Team[spacebar]

Chat Macro
  • - Enables you to save a word/phrase to a shortcut key.
  • - Can also be opened with the 'N' key.

1. Click on the space then type the word/phrase then click “Accept” to save.

2. Press the shortcut key for the phrase.