London, 2038. Finally, the war risking the fate of human race begins.

Hellgate of chaos has summoned the demons to earth. With the ruthless attacks
from the demons,the human race fell down.
Everything was changed by that day’s battle.
As the dark era and world full of horror and fear continue,
the mankind begins to prepare for their future as they face the downfall.
Mankind’s desire for hope was even more stimulated in the dark abyss
while the heroes gathered in London found ways to counterattack.

How to move without letting the demons know. How to create weapons
that can penetrate the demonic defense lines.

How to use the forgotten force of magic.
How to defeat the demons and destroy Hellgate.
Finally, in 2038, the war against demons begins in London,
as the human race risks their fate.

For the sake of mankind!