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Hellgate's 1st Year Anniversary Event





In-line with the celebration of Hellgate Global’s 1st Year Anniversary, the diligent slayers of Hell’s armies will be handsomely rewarded with gift boxes. Said gift boxes will contain items vital for surviving the on-going war with the legions of Hell.


Event Mechanics:

Obtain 5 pieces of Hellgate’s 1st Year Anniversary Coin (obtainable from Rare monsters and up).















Make sure that the coins are in your inventory, proceed to Greenwich Headquarters and talk to 1st Year Anniversary Murmur .
















Murmur will take 5 pieces of your Hellgate’s 1st Year Anniversary Coin once you click on “Accept Quest”.











Talk with 1st Year Anniversary Murmur again to receive your Hellgate’s 1st Year Anniversary Gift Box.






















The Hellgate’s 1st Year Anniversary Gift Box contains one of the following items:


Resurrection Scroll

Automatic Dismantler (1hr)

Radar device

Mod socket expander 50%

Nano Capsule Steroid

Adrenaline injection

Anniversary stamina capsule II

Anniversary willpower capsule II

Anniversary accuracy capsule II

Anniversary power capsule II

Experience Package 100(3hrs)

Super Experience Package

Nanodyne Health serums

Elemental Effect Defense Device

Skill point +1


* Note: Event will start from July 5, 2012 (after regular server maintenance) and end after July 31, 2012.