Item Introduction

Mighty weapon above all the imaginations of mankind

Introduction of weapons used by the heroes of Hellgate
You can meet the unique and various weapons used by the heroes of London in 2038.

Battery Mod

Hellgate London provides various item levels and numerous options.
Weapons of higher level are rarer and more difficult to gain.
There is a higher possibility of gaining advanced items when hunting monsters above champion-level.

Level Display Item Level Description
General Has the lowest and basic performance
Enhanced 1 level higher than general items and has a maximum of 1 option
Rare ★★ 1 level higher than precious items and has a maximum of 2 options
Legendary ★★★ 1 level higher than rare items and has a maximum of 5 options
Unique ★★★★ Has unique features
Mythic ★★★★★ Has myth-level options
Set ★★★★★★ You can enjoy set effects depending on the number of set items worn

TIP: You can enjoy better performance with items of higher level

Various Mods

Several items of Hellgate London have sockets.
You can upgrade your items by adding mods in the sockets.

Those who are fighting against demons, upgrade your weapons with mods!

Battery Mod

Battery mod parts refer to those that provide different types of attacks for each item type.
Various energies generated from science technology and magic are used to charge diverse mod
parts such as toxic, ice, fire and physical attacks. They are described as battery-type mod part as a whole.

Fuel Mod

Fuel mod provides various types of attacks to weapons.
Fuel mod affects all types of attacks regardless of the usage of general science technology, alchemy or both.


Relics are ancient objects with great magical powers.
They are occasionally perceived to have religious origin. Most of them are now shards of great objects that have
unknown usage. Or they refer to objects used by saints with great power.
Templars have found the way to integrate the relics to their weapons.
Through it, they make mighty weapons to fight against the dark force.

Ammo Mod

Ammo mod is the representative mod that increases the attacks of guns. It may do additional damage to certain
demons such as spectral monsters depending on its attribute. It may also provide critical damage bonus.
In order to wear rarer and more unique ammo mod, it requires more ability consumption like other mods.
It also has required item level depending on each type.

Rocket Mod

Like a magazine, rockets provide a new ammo shape which enhances the accuracy or attacking type of long
range weapons. Rockets are made for heavy weapons.
The attacking type of each round magazine can be changed to technical or magical forms.
Such rocket mod can bring effect from all attacking types, making it very useful when fighting against
the most powerful demon.

Tech Mod

Science technology that has been developed throughout the long battles against demons created a
masterpiece of science called the Tech Mod.Tech mod adds technical support to weapons.
This enabled the survivors of mankind to handle developed firearms.
It increased the shooting speed and range, giving a chance to cause critical damage against demons.
Rocket Mods are extremely useful.


All mods display different scales of attack amplification depending on rarity and uniqueness.
Even the same type of mods may have various abilities and attributes.
So use the Delux De-modificator near shops to replace already equipped mods.
There is a certain possibility of failure in accessing the Delux De-modificator. In case of failure, the mods are destroyed.