1. Hellgate Guild Creation Guide

To form a guild in Hellgate, you need the following requirements:
  • – A character that is at least level 20.
  • – Guild Herald (costs 200,000 Palladium)

You can purchase the item from item merchants all across stations

Once you have the Guild Herald, use it from your inventory and a message box would appear.Enter your desired Guild name, minimum of two characters
After guild creation, press “G” to go to your Guild Homepage.
  1. Guild Homepage Button
    Overview of your current guild
  2. Guild Management Button
    Member handling options
  3. Member Information
    List of all members online/offline.
    Toggle with the button available above.
  4. Guild Information
    Summary of Guild:
    Shows the current guild master,
    total deputy members, current online members,
    and the guild establishment date.
  5. Guild Notice
    The message that would appear every time
    a member of the guild logs in.
    You can edit this by clicking the small box,
    located near the notice box.
  6. Guild History
    Guild progress history:
    Keeps track of recent recruitments, promotions,
    and others.

2. Inviting Players to your Guild

There are two ways to invite players to your guild.

First option

Right click the player’s character to open an option bubble then select “Invite this player to your guild”.

Second option

Right click the player’s character to open an option bubble then select “Invite this player to your guild”.

After the confirmation,
you would see the newly recruit’s name in the member list and his character
would have your guild name under his name as proof that he is part of the guild.

3. Guild Management


You can promote your members within your guild assigning different ranks according to your preference.

– Guild Master (Rank modification, Guild notice edit, Invitation rights, member kick)
– Deputy Guild Master (Guild notice edit, Invitation rights, member kick)
– Senior Members (Invitation rights, member kick)
– Regular Members (member kick rights)
– Newly Recruited Members (none)

You can also degrade your member’s rank. (Guild Master only)

4. Passing the Guild Leader position

You can pass the Guild Leader position at any time, just click the “Change Guild Master” button available in Guild management section or just simply right click the name of the desired guild leader from the member list and select “Promote this member to guild leader”