Chat Commands

To open the chat command list, hit enter then click the question mark button below the chat window.

  • /All : Chat in channel.
  • /town : Normal chat.
  • /w : /w [name] to whisper a player.
  • /r : Allows you to reply to the last player who whispered you.
  • /p : Party chat.
  • /g : Guild chat.
  • /who : Displays who are currently online in the channel.
  • /invite : /invite [name] to invite a player in a party.
  • /accept : Accept party invitation.
  • /decline : Decline party invitation.
  • /stuck : Allows you to port to the nearest Station Travel Terminal in case you got stuck.
  • /channeljoin : Allows you to join a channel chat.
  • /channels : Gives the list of available channels.
  • /Team : Chat with your team mates (Applicable only in PVP zones)
  • /Macro : Opens your Chat Macro option.

Note: To enable the chat commands like /town, /Team and /r, hit the spacebar after typing the command.
Example: /town[spacebar] or /Team[spacebar]

Chat Macro
  • – Enables you to save a word/phrase to a shortcut key.
  • – Can also be opened with the ‘N’ key.

1. Click on the space then type the word/phrase then click “Accept” to save.

2. Press the shortcut key for the phrase.

Friends List and Ignore List

Adding a Friend

There are 2 ways to add a player in your Friends List.

1. Click on the space then type the word/phrase then click “Accept” to save.

2. If the person is in front of you, press and hold right/left mouse button then choose the Add player to Friends List.

Friends List Options

These are the following options in the Friends List. Choose the name in your Friends List then press
and hold right mouse button then choose for your preferred option.

  1. Delete friend option (Applicable even if friend is offline)
  2. Send Email option (Applicable even if friend is offline)
  3. Party invitation option
  4. Warp to friend option
  5. Whisper option
  6. Number of friends currently on the list. (Max 50)
  7. Number of friends currently on-line.
  8. Add friend button.
  9. Delete friend button.
  10. Ignore list button. (Click to see ignore list.)
  11. Hide off-line friends button
Deleting a Friends List

There are 2 ways to delete a Friends from your List.

1. Open Friends List (press B), click “Delete” button, type the exact character name then click “Confirm”.

2. Open Friends List (press B), right click on the name you want to delete then choose “Remove player from Friends List”,
then click “Accept” once a window pops up.

Ignore List

These are the following options in the Ignore List.

  1. Delete from Ignore List option (Applicable even if friend is offline)
  2. Friend list button. (Click to see Ignore List.)
  3. Number of players currently on the Ignore List. (Max 50)
  4. Add to Ignore List button.
  5. Delete from Ignore List button

Options inside a party

Party Leader

Press and hold the left mouse button to one of your member then choose the option you want to do.

  1. Open portal : Ports you to the member even if he is inside the instance.
  2. Trade : If the player is in front of you
  3. Kick : Kicks the member from the party
  4. Leavel : Party lead will be transferred if leader leave

Press and hold the left mouse button to any member then choose the option you want to do

  1. Open portal : Ports you to the member even if he is inside the instance.
  2. Trade : If the player is in front of you
  3. Leavel : Party lead will be transferred if leader leave

This option allows you to port to any of your party mates
even he is inside the instance.
Reminder: You cannot port to your party mate if he is in a
place where you haven’t been to.

Open Portal Option
  1. Party leaders can be determined if he/she has the star sign above his avatar in the party list.
  2. If a member is away from you, his avatar cannot be seen.

Player Matching

Another way to look for a party or for members instead of using microphone in chat.

  1. There are 2 ways to use the Player Matching
  2. PVE Parties
  3. PVE Players
PVE Parties

In PVE Parties, you have the option join or create your own party.
Creating a party in Player Matching

PVE Players

In PVE Players, you can list yourself and hope that a party leader will find you and invite you in their party.

1. Use List Self Button to register your character.2. Enter a brief description of you or the party that you are looking for.3. Sample List of players in “PVE Players”. Use UNLIST button if you want to delete your name on the list.

Email Feature

Emailing is another feature Hellgate offers.
Shortcut key: “Press Z”

The interface shown below should appear.
Email notification

Email notification can be seen on the bottom left part of the screen.
When it blinks from bronze to red, it means you have received a mail or when you login for
the first time there are existing mails in your inbox.

Composing Email

To compose a mail, click the “Compose Email” button then your screen should look something like this

  1. Compose Email Button : To start creating mails, click this button
  2. Delete Selected Email Button : Delete selected mails from your inbox
  3. Select All : Select all mails from your inbox
  4. Recipient of your current mail : This is where you type the name of the mail receiver
  5. Item attachment (1 item) : Item that you want to send along with the current mail
  6. Palladium attachment : Amount of Palladium you want to give
  7. Mail Subject
  8. Email body
  9. Palladium cost : The cost differs depending on the item and palladium attached.

Market Place

Market Place is where players can view, sell and buy items from other players.

Selling of Item

Open the Market Place terminal located in selected stations to sell your item.

  1. Drag the item that you want to sell from Inventory Panel to the slot.
    a. (Maximum of 20 units can be placed in the Market Place at a time)
  2. Input your desired price for the item that you are selling.
    The “Palladium” below the “Duration” means the tax/cost of the price of the item that you are selling.
  3. Select the item’s duration in the Market Place. 1, 3 and 7 days only.
  4. Click “Submit” if you are done then wait for someone to buy it.
The Selling List
  1. Duration of item that you are currently selling
  2. Price of item that you are currently selling.
  3. Cancels the selling of your item.
  4. Number of units/items that you can still put in the Selling List.
Sold Item

You may claim your gold in the Mail.Click the small arrow button to claim your gold.
WARNING : Claim your gold before deleting the mail

Canceling an item from the selling list

If you want to cancel the selling of your item, click the “X” button and a message will prompt telling you that your item was
stored in the Trade Storage Center. To claim your item, click the 2 arrow button and you will receive your item in the mailbox.Drag the item from the slot to your inventory to claim.
WARNING : Claim your item before deleting the mail.

Buying of Item
  1. Buy Item tab : click to see what items are for sale.
  2. Faction : Class category (Cabalist, Hunter or Templar)
  3. Item Type : Weapons/Armor/Miscellaneous/Dye Kits/Premium Items
  4. Weapon Type/Armor Type/Category for Misc/ Category for Misc Dye Kits/ Category for Premium Items.
    The “d.” will depend on what Item Type “c” did you chose.
  5. Minimum Quality : Normal, Enhanced, Rare, Legendary, Unique, Mythic and Set.
  6. Search Criteria : Item Level/Character Level
  7. Level Range : Level range will depend on what Search Criteria you chose.
  8. Price Range : Range of price (Your estimate)
  9. Search Button : Click to start searching.

Click the “Check” button to purchase the item that you want.
A message will prompt and will tell you that the item was moved to the Sell/Store Tab
Go to the “Sell Item” tab then click claim click the 2 arrow button and you will receive your item viamail.

WARNING : Before deleting the mail from Market Place, make sure that you claim your item or gold.

Arena Game

Go to Greenwich Headquarters or any other Stations that has an Arena Terminal.
You will know that it is the Arena Terminal because of its 2 red flag symbol.
Click on the terminal to view waiting or ongoing Arena Matches.

Arena interface

Choose and click the Arena Match that you want to view or join.
Click on the Create match button to create your own Arena Match.

  1. Refresh button. (Press to update the list of Arena Matches.)
  2. Show Playing Button. (Check to view ongoing matches.)
  3. Show Waiting Button. (Check to view currently waiting matches.)
  4. Number of players inside the match.
  5. Level Range of the match.
  6. Map of the match.
  7. Name-Class-Level of players currently in the match.
  8. Create Match button
  9. Join Match button.
Match Creation
  1. Match Name (Room title should at least have 2 letters)
  2. Password of the Match. (Maximum of 4 letters or numbers or combination)
  3. Level Range of participants.
  4. Type of game. (Currently only “Deathmatch” mode is available)
  5. Map of the Arena Match (Click on the drop down button to view map list)
    • – Abandoned Subway
    • – Blackwall Way
    • – Forgotten Tomb
    • – Underpass of Hallucination
  6. Maximum number of players (1 vs. 1 up to 5 vs. 5) (Click on the drop down button to view list)
  7. Number of scores to win. (Click on the drop down button to view score list)
    • – 15, 20, 25, 30, 35
The Arena Waiting Room

Once joined or created a match, you will automatically port to the Arena Waiting Room.

NPC that can be seen inside the Arena Waiting Room are the following:
  • Augmentrix 3000
  • Market Place
  • Nano Forge
  • De Lux De-Modificator
  • Oarf (NPC that sells PVP potions, these potions can be bought using PVP/Battle points)- PVP/Battle points can be earned if you win in Arena Match.- Pots that are normally looted or purchased from other NPC doesn’t work in PVP maps.
Waiting Room Window

To open or close the Waiting Room Window, press F4.

  1. Change Master Button. (For Room master option only, option to pass room lead)
  2. Kick Button. (For room master option only)
  3. Disband button. (For room master option only) If the room master disbands the room, all players will be kicked.
  4. Room Master Symbol/State.
  5. Player is not ready (Symbol/State).
  6. Player is ready (Symbol/State).
  7. Store (Opens the shop for PVP items, same as NPC Oarf)
  8. Leave Button. (If room master leaves, lead will be randomly passed on the remaining members.)
  9. Switch Team button.
  10. Start Button. (Can be clicked when all players are ready.)

During the match there will be totems that can regenerate your HP, Power and Shield.
(Some maps may have no HP, Power, or Shield totem)